@Gina I must confess I used to say it too. I owe you few euros.


If I got a euro for every time someone says to me how rare it is to see a woman work in IT (2 euro for "and they usually look like trolls!") I could finally hire another female sysadmin. 🎉 🧙‍♀️

I'm putting a jar on my desk.

Ha ben mince. Même au boulot il y en a 😅

Logique, si j'en ai déjà chez moi à 850m... alors à 1000m 😂

hhhmmmm I think I kinda figured out the difference between "favourating" a post and "boosting" it... when you , it means you like it though it's not really your thing, but when you means you want to share it with all! 🤔 🤔

**Melbourne Zoo welcomes first baby koala in eight years**

"Joey, whose gender is not yet known, is starting to explore the world beyond its mother's pouch."


#news #bot

It happens all the time. Someone asks "What's the system running on your computer?

Then, if I answer "OpenBSD" I get questions like "What is it?" "Why is it better?" "Why don't other people use it?" etc... and it's boring. Especially when it get to the kind of question "Convince me I should use it then".

I don't want to convince people to use it, they should do their own opinion about what they want and need.

Now I answer "I run something you don't want."

For now on, and until further notice - this instance is not invite only.

Open Registration is now closed, but you as a social.linux.pizza user may invite your friends, family, bosses or pets.

What operating systems do you use?

Et pour l'atelier #TéléphoneEtViePrivée je vous recommande de venir avec… votre smartphone.

Et surtout de conseiller cet atelier aux gens qui sont non-informaticiens, c'est un atelier pour débutants ! On ne va PAS faire de grands bidouillages !

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