Masto admins, tips for reducing disk space 

- `yarn cache clean` deletes `~/.cache/yarn`, which is rebuilt next time you run `yarn`, saved 433M for me
- `rbenv uninstall 2.5.3` if you've upgraded to ruby 2.6.0, saved 164MB for me
- `rm -fr ~/live/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.5.0/` ditto for ruby 2.6.0 upgrade, saved 335M for me

There is also Postgres `VACUUM FULL` but I've had mixed results with it, also it locks your tables and temporarily uses lots of space to copy tables.



Masto admins, tips for reducing disk space 

@nolan and of course clearing the cache via cron job:
RAILS_ENV=production /home/mastodon/.rbenv/shims/bundle exec bin/tootctl media remove --days=1

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