Hey, sys admins, personal ops folks, hobbyists that do operations or dabble - we should all talk under the #libreops hashtag when we're live tooting an operations event, like DB updates, rolling out new versions of public services, etc.

we have a lot of adjacent folks here with varying levels of experience doing operations and i bet a few more who are voyeristically watching.

This'll help make it discoverable and enable us to engage one another with help when needed.

food 4 thought

@tobi That's a very different goal than just "lets be a community that encourages learning through doing / communication" but still a super cool project all the same.

thanks for sharing


Yeah, there are also great communities on to quickly ask questions and to help out, especially on emergency. But yeah, we need to build that up more and also including new people who are learning and to empower them to selfhost or at least understand how things work

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