(Mastodon) won't federate with instances and will block users server-side who retoot users from those instances.

@tobi das ist ne echt krasse Variante damit um zu gehen...

What on earth? So if I go and boost a good post from a user on Gab (which will be a part of the fediverse), you'll stop receiving my posts?

@masterofthetiger No, boosts may be evaluated in single cases but since the network is known and dedicated to ult-right-wing people, there should not be any reason to boost such stuff.

Yeah. There's no reason to post hate speech / neo Nazi speech etc. But there are indeed legitimate users of Gab, who might have something "boostworthy".

@masterofthetiger and those users may choose another instance and not being part of the nazi-network; there are enough good instances to choose from.

I mean. I might silence or suspend Gab server side myself in the future, but I wouldn't do something that drastic.

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