Hey #mastoadmins , is there a good way to free space in public/system/accounts ? It's 9 GB by now and keeps growing, so I'd need to clean up in order to keep my instance stable. tootctl media remove doesn't help and tootctl preview_cards neither. I tried to find and rm old files by hand but that almost broke a lot. Damage could only be fixed with tootctl accounts refresh --all , which unfortunately brought all files back. Can anyone help?

#Mastodon #mastoadmin #rt #help

Gibt's dich auch auf Matrix? Da würds nen Raum geben für deutsche mastoadmins. Oder der @tobi hat da was parat.


@stefan @thalon tootctl works well. There must be an issue then.. tootclt as cronjob does it.

Matrix Room (German): -de:im.kabi.tk

@tobi tootctl only removes media or preview cards, not account avatars or headers... @stefan

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