So.. following the problem with many instances that are not working well with more than two people, I've rebuild my implementations from scratch, allocated more resources and it should handle 15+ participants per room by now. Sorry for the downtime the last days. Not I guess we have one more working properly.

Feel free to test and give feedback.

@tobi hi, I don't know you, but thanks a lot. I like Jitsi.

@tobi we've been setting up instances - supports hundreds of participants simultaneously (up to 100 or so in a "room")... It's superb (and fully FOSS)... A little harder to install, but easy enough - works well.

@Gina @tobi DM me an email, and I'll send you an invite. It's all pro bono.

@tobi mind to share a bit information about what you did to improve your service? Asking out of curiosity ;)

@w4tsn more RAM and dedicated VM on my server for the service without other stuff on it.

@tobi How much RAM and CPU did you allocate for it? And what is your link speed?

Do you have or plan to have public stats about your instance somewhere?

@w4tsn nop public stats, currently 8GBRAM, quad core, may reduce that in future depending on the load and general situation.

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