Hey ! There is a new : (). It helps to connect travellers with those who want to host them. Like AirBnB but better, focusing on the core idea of it.

Website: openhospitalitynetwork.github.

Today's 📅 meeting 6pm CEST:

@paulfree14 @rysiek @trustroots all who are interested to have a look and maybe participate may want to join the Matrix room:

> there's also trustroots

... and Couchsurfing, HospitalityClub, BeWecome, and Helpx.

@tobi @trustroots

@rysiek @strypey @tobi @trustroots btw, all those mentioned can also be found on the original toot's linked document under the section ”who's involved”

though it would be interesting to read their view on the relationships and differences between these projects

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