More and more "hotspots" in private locations such as hotels, pensions etc using FritzBox Guest Network. This only allows Port 80/443. So any other connection isn't possible. Solution is using @mullvadnet. But: It needs to connect via 443. That works but takes time as the app tries all the connections until it finds one on 443.

Please make a feature available to connect ONLY to 443 to establish a connection to Mullvad.

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@mullvadnet That may safe a lot of traffic and pings to any ports and gives the user a faster connection to the service as it won't try all the other ports the user already knows it's impossible to connect to. Make a slider to "only try 443" available!

@mullvadnet It's annoying seeing Mullvad trying to connect to Server:Port already knowing that won't work until it finds a 443 after 5 minutes. Make the direct connectivity available in settings!

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