Worrying about lates investigation on Phones using and other biometrics?

You do not need to deactivate it. Using iOS: the PIN will be necessary after a certain time. Additionally, you can and should disable biometrics in these situations, in public sleeping like Motels etc.

Press power and volume down and then click "cancel" to temporarily deactivate


Use a strong passcode!

The latest decision of police using fingerprints to unlock phones isn't new. Anyone can force you to do that.

And the solution is already implemented. Use it! Exactly for these situations it's in iOS since years.

Authorities are not to blame for functionalities not used by the people. Of course they will try everything possible.

The function is there, use it and with strong passcode there is no way to bypass it.

Just learn how your tech works before complaining.

There are also Apple provided shortcuts like "Hey Siri, I'm pulled over by police" - and all devices get locked, voice recording enabled etc. It's all there. Just use it!


Fingerprint usage is 100 years old tech. If you are drug-dealing, don't do and if your devices are that open, you deserve no better.

Reference (german): heise.de/news/Landgericht-erla

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