Heute Abend um 19Uhr schauen wir wieder die live mit @krautspace und @NerdZoomDE

Kommt gern vorbei!

Einige Kilometer später, zumindest Bronze in Operation erreicht. 🎊

New Followers: Something like this doesn't make sense and you won't get followed by anyone and you probably will be denied as follower.

Do an or at least write *something* and fill you profile.

Inviting new people to ? Point them to joinmastodon.org to choose an instance rather then making accounts on the biggest instances. Let's federate and spread users wide.

Need some more pictures to post on social media? Here you go: dev.kabi.tk/mastodon/

Looking out the window: deep fog, bright moon, forest. Haunted.

Block that shit:

dev-wiki and all Q-Anon Covid deniers.

Haha first active block. People who have no bigger brain than a tiny worm. 😂😂😂

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