Oh today is my lovely @kari Dragon's birthday ❤️😍

It's so fancy that you are there with me. 😚 ⚡ ✨ 💓

Leute die in der Rettungsgasse fahren und diese blockieren..

Damn traffic and full road closure... standing and waiting.

‘Viva L'Algerie!’: Amidst political turmoil in , New Yorkers speak out

“I want people back home to know that people here have their back...we don’t only have Algerian people, we have New Yorkers from all walks of life that care and support us too.”


KABIchat has been updated to the latest version 1.2.1 fixing a critical security bug.

Happy chatting with riot.tk

If you get stuck in a traffic,

- turn on the warning blinking lights and

- check the rearview mirror

to see if the cars behind you are slowing down properly.

So wrong as they whole GOOD fediverse is blocking this crap. staying for all without the pigs.

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