Vortrag zum Thema Strom, Elektrik und Messgeräte. Nächste Woche Dienstag um 20:30 Uhr.

Hier gibt's weitere Infos und Ihr könnt euch direkt einen Kalendereintrag abspeichern: kraut.space/start#vortragstrom

What’s your last weeks average screen time? All devices, phone, tablet, PC/Laptop.

Mine was almost 13 hrs, that’s pretty much I guess!?

2,5 hours to go for the „green“ colored vaccination proof badge👌🏻

Yummy vegan burger as snack on the way home. 😋

Monitoring water intake. Yeah. I always drink tap water. Luckily here it’s drinkable what’s not in many parts of the world.

You can even see the hills and valleys on the moon's surface in the shadow on the sun.

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Save the date!

We will watch the Worldwide Developers Conference live from Cupertino on Monday together with @krautspace and @NerdZoomDE and having a talk about the introduces features and software afterwards.

Feel free to join. Presentation in English, talk in German/English depending on participants.

Sporty & Activity 

Yay! Did it!

But actually it’s not much tho. I need to get more active now as it’s getting warmer and sunny outside.

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