So, auch mal die Coron-Warn-App installiert. Mal schauen wieviel Geräte so in 24h gefunden werden.

That’s my great- great- great- grand-father. Born around 1810. Anyone knows which uniform that is? Maybe Prussia or some other middle German country back then I guess.

R.I.P. Jerry Stiller. So fancy man. I love him and the Arthur's head screwdriver.

Happy day of from national socialism and end of the war.

People from all over the world must never again be tolerating fascism, racism and nationalist chauvinism as well as oppression because of religion and individual lifestyle.

( WebRTC) has been updated to fix some sound issues. We are running the brand new version with some more device selecting settings. Check it out.

Happy meeting.

BTW, if you don’t have a , a well-tied (Kufiya, Shemag) also works well to stop spreading , and looks good. ☺️

Es ist geklärt, warum alle /-innen kaufen. Weil so ein Hamster am Stiel cool aussieht!

Beside Video/Audio conferencing via Jitsi at, we also offer a free server at, standard port 64738. If you need personal and password protected rooms, let me know. Here are the setting you need to put into the client:

Yeah, walked and did some fineness every day this month and got the badge. 💪🏻

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