() was just updated to the latest version 1.18.0 without any problems.

Happy chatting!

+++ Riot becomes +++

We are now live with Element at riot.tk, riot.kabi.tk and element.kabi.tk.
For keeping your keys, you can stay on the URL you are already logged in and it should update automatically.

Happy chatting!

Hey there!

now offers web for you.

threema.kabi.tk will give you the web interface. Connect by QR-code with your phone for using Threema via your web browser.

Our client (-web) has been updated to the latest version, bringing:

- cross signing and E2EE activated by default for private rooms

- custom status by default (click your avatar in the composing section to set a status like "At work." etc.

- message pinning by default

Back up your keys! In case you forgot your backup-pw, just disable the backup and re-enable it a minute later to set it all new.

Happy chatting!


Remote work with your team using Services:

(as of April 2020)

--> mumble.kabi.tk, standard-port

PAD using
--> md.kabi.tk

KABImeeting ()
--> meeting.kabi.tk

KABIblue ()
--> blue.kabi.tk (invite required)

Other services check
--> kabi.tk homepage.

& accounts upon request for those I'm following.

Any questions? Shoot me a message!

is now, beside and , also offering at blue.kabi.tk (free in April).

For those who want to use it, please shoot me a message for an invite. I'd like to verify that it's used only for schooling or hackspace conferencing or similar purposes. For private conferences you still can use KABImeeting without any registrations.

Restarting all services at 09:30 due to general system updates. Expected downtime 1 min.

KABIsocial () has been updated to the latest release 3.1.1.

Happy tooting!

Faved and boosted all New Year wishes and posts. Follow the people you like, for a fancy free network. Let’s abandon capitalist companies in all the future. We can do all on our own. 😎💪🏻

at server IP by Google again. I'll put it into offline mode until we find a solution for the clear-web instance.

.org still is broken on many ends due to their downtime. Get accounts on other instances. Those I know may have one at and others use matrix.bau-ha.us

OK, KABIpix.tk up and, running and federating. Just for test for now.

Servers are experiencing some network problems with the local internet connection at the moment causing the webserver to block all incoming traffic due to a high request rate per minute. I’m investigating the case. All systems should be up and running by again tho.

Check status.kabi.tk for live status.

Seeing all and managed services: it’s good but still it’s not self-hosting if many relay on one hoster. I appreciate the effort they do bringing all the opportunity to have an own instance with own domain but, better to make it yourself. I’ll start a session to get people into the tech from very first stage without need of knowledge. by

If you see accounts or any right wing stuff or anything related: report it to your admins if they aren't aware of it, check the CoC and/or change instances. We have a good moderating and investigative network, also on . has abuse@kabi.tk if you see anything related to it. As admins can't check all 24/7, pls report and it will be investigated on time.

riot.tk has been updated to the latest version 1.2.2.

Happy chatting!

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