How to ? Register with an trusted server. proved it worked well even if a major instance went offline for 1 day. Get your account or move away from the big servers.

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Next round of attack. The attacker opened GitHub Issues and deleting all non-spam comments.

.org got hacked again. Other instances aren't affected at all. All running smooth and well on other instances.

and down. That's why you need to have a custom home server. Like mine (just for family and friends) or from the Weimar University of Germany.

Tomorrow 7 pm UTC (9 pm CEST) audio meet up. Check, the forum and the room.

The meet up will be easily accessible without any login required. You'll find the access via browser an hour prior the meeting start on the website.

, check your V1.0 readiness and act asap, otherwise your instance will stop federating and become unavailable for your users!

Check it here:

Oh got pretty busy with lots of users lately. Very good!

Noch jemand bei ? Join unsere (deutschsprachige) Gruppe:

So, -synapse update done and ready for 1.0 release. Running 0.99 now. But not fully satisfied with the Cert-implementation.

The new SSL-Cert policy is really a hazzle to set-up and no working documentation available at all.

We are holding an online-meetup via Mumble about (Scripts for data acquisition with paper-based surveys) on Saturday (19.01. 15:30 UTC). If you are interested in reading your surveys as an alternative to LimeSurvey, feel welcome to join.

Read about it here:

Join the Chat:

Pad and how to join the meeting:

Retoots appreciated.

9 launch in about 6 hours. Updates and Stream:

Also check out our room!

Synapse 0.34.1 has a bug which may log out users. Please don't upgrade!

Nice to see Mastodon much more active during . Hope it will push and a bit more.


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