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() was just updated to the latest version 1.18.0 without any problems.

Happy chatting! Wollt Ihr Euren Telegram / Discord Kanal mal nach bridgen, damit Leute, die die Datenschleudern nicht nutzen wollen, darüber joinen können? 😊

+++ Riot becomes +++

We are now live with Element at, and
For keeping your keys, you can stay on the URL you are already logged in and it should update automatically.

Happy chatting!

Our client (-web) has been updated to the latest version, bringing:

- cross signing and E2EE activated by default for private rooms

- custom status by default (click your avatar in the composing section to set a status like "At work." etc.

- message pinning by default

Back up your keys! In case you forgot your backup-pw, just disable the backup and re-enable it a minute later to set it all new.

Happy chatting!

Remote work with your team using Services:

(as of April 2020)

-->, standard-port

PAD using

KABImeeting ()

KABIblue ()
--> (invite required)

Other services check
--> homepage.

& accounts upon request for those I'm following.

Any questions? Shoot me a message!

We are willing to help you out. We have some free access left for and and offering a punch of free services. If you need something additionally, text me.

Looking for secure and relaying Chat/Call systems? Use ! I offer again five accounts on my instance with personal support to those I currently follow.

KABIchat () has been updated to the latest version 1.10.0.

Happy chatting!

Faved and boosted all New Year wishes and posts. Follow the people you like, for a fancy free network. Let’s abandon capitalist companies in all the future. We can do all on our own. 😎💪🏻

Those who don’t know but want to try : I give out 5 accounts on my server including personal support. Just text me. I need to follow you at the moment.

() has been upgraded to the latest release 1.6.1 patching a security fix.

Upgrade your own Matrix instance asap, too!

I'm giving out 5 accounts incl. personal support for anyone I'm currently following.

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I've updated () to the latest release v1.6.0, shipping federation support for cross-signing.

Happy messaging!

In about 10 hrs we will see the 5 ECA craft .

I've prepared the LiveChat () and on


Need a telephone or video conference with colleagues or family or anyone? Try

You also can integrate that into your existing rooms. Ping me for any help with that.

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